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Information on Roaming

Pursuant to the European Commission Implementing Regulation on fair use policy and the sustainability of the abolition of retail roaming surcharges, from 15 June 2017, subscribers—including those of both pre-paid and post-paid services—temporarily present in another Member State of the European Union can make or receive calls, send or receive SMS messages, and surf on the Internet on their mobile phones for prices equivalent to the domestic charges, without any surcharges applied.

As for the Hungarian subscribers, it applies to those who have normal residence in Hungary, habitually live in the country, use a domestic service and stay in an another EU Member State periodically, typically tourists travelling abroad, people temporarily working or studying abroad and cross-border commuters.

Operators may only impose EU roaming surcharges in addition to domestic charges in specific cases.

Operators may offer alternative tariff plans not subject to these rules, however, in such cases, a contract can only be applied with the express consent of the subscriber. The charges and terms applicable to non-EU countries will continue to be set by the operators at their own discretion. For more information on the costs of international calls and sms click here.

More detailed information is available here.